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I trained as a film editor and worked at leading commercials post-production house ‘The Film Editors’ before becoming an editor with my own list of clients. Like many before me, I went on to become a successful commercials director for leading agencies such as JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi, M&C, GGT, AMV, BMP and Leo Burnett. I still enjoy making commercials and digital content.  But sometimes you need to stretch, make longer films.

So, how did I get here?

I blame Ruby Wax. And Joanna Lumley.

It was one those quirks of fate accidents. I was brought in at the next-to-last minute to direct location films for The Full Wax.

First up Ruby breaks into Joanna’s house in a ‘Through the Keyhole’ spoof. Simple for me. I like spoof, I know the rules and how to bend them rather well.

I did a very good job. Too good maybe. Janet Street-Porter (then head of the department) told me that 10,000 viewers had contacted the BBC to complain. They all believed that Ruby really had broken into Joanna’s house. They were horrified because Joanna did a lot of charity work and so it was wrong of Ruby to break into her house. For the record the window was sort of opened with a hammer and that’s how we got in. So nothing much was actually broken inside the house. I watched from the gallery as Ruby apologised in the second series – and then ran the second film where we climbed a ladder to break into her bedroom. I went on to direct comedy films for further series in London & New York, and remain eternally grateful to Ruby for the opportunities. And to Joanna.

I continued working in commercials and TV comedy, and then The Day Today happened.  I had been a big fan of the radio series, On The Hour, so directing the TV pilot, series and 10-mins specials were a dream come true.  A series of short films with Lee Evans for Channel 4 were followed by Peter Kay’s TV debut and series, and, subsequently, two series and documentary with Rob Brydon for BBC.

Some of the corporate films I made are about risk.  These are emotionally opposite to comedy but, I feel, work to the same but opposite set of ‘rules’.  I enjoyed creating tension and stress.  One of my short films continues that work.

Digital has opened an exciting world that combined the quality of mainstream TVC, but with the opportunities and support of advertising.  I’ve made films for Saatchi & Saatchi and a prank video for Michelle Paver’s new book, ‘Thin Air’.

I love what I do and continue to balance my time between broadcast television, advertising and making short films.

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